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Top Nashville wedding venues to consider for your big day

Nestled in the heart of Nashville, where music and Southern charm create the perfect blend of harmony and vibrancy, discover the ideal backdrop for your love story. For couples seeking real life moments and unforgettable memories, here are a few wedding venues in Nashville, each ideal for capturing candid and editorial photos through the lens of a documentary-style wedding photographer.

1. Cheekwood Estate & Gardens: A Fairytale Unveiled

Nestled amidst 55 acres of lush botanical gardens and historic architecture, Cheekwood Estate & Gardens (click the link to explore their venue) provides an enchanting backdrop for couples dreaming of a fairytale wedding. With its sweeping landscapes and elegant ambiance, this venue offers endless opportunities for Nashville wedding photography that captures candid moments amidst eternal elegance.

2. The Cordelle: Historic Charm, Urban Elegance

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, The Cordelle (click the link to explore their venue) blends historic charm with modern sophistication. This beautifully restored venue features exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and lush outdoor spaces, creating a picturesque setting for intimate weddings. With its unique aesthetic, The Cordelle is perfect for couples who desire editorial photos that exude urban chic and timeless elegance.

A newly married couple poses for a photo outside The Cordelle in Nashville, Tennessee.

3. Riverwood Mansion: Southern Romance, Timeless Grandeur

Riverwood Mansion (click the link to explore their venue) offers a romantic setting for couples seeking a classic wedding experience. Surrounded by manicured gardens and majestic oak trees, this antebellum mansion provides a picturesque backdrop for Nashville wedding photography. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, Riverwood Mansion radiates charm and elegance, making it an ideal venue for capturing candid moments and editorial photos that tell a story of love and legacy.

Ready to capture your timeless love story amidst the grandeur of Riverwood Mansion? Click here to contact me today to schedule a discovery call and we can begin planning your dream wedding photography experience.

4. The Bell Tower: Contemporary Luxury, Southern Sophistication

Perched atop Rutledge Hill with panoramic views of downtown Nashville, The Bell Tower (click the link to explore their venue) is a contemporary venue that combines modern luxury with Southern hospitality. Its sleek design, spacious interiors, and rooftop terrace provide a versatile canvas for couples to create their dream wedding. Whether exchanging vows beneath the towering bell tower or dancing under the stars, The Bell Tower offers endless opportunities for Nashville wedding photography that captures candid moments and editorial elegance.

5. Union Station Hotel: Historic Opulence, Modern Grace

Located in downtown Nashville, Union Station Hotel (click the link to explore their venue) offers a historic and captivating venue for weddings. Originally a bustling train station, the hotel combines timeless elegance with modern amenities. Exchange vows in the grand lobby beneath its stunning barrel-vaulted ceiling or host a lavish reception in the grand ballroom. Union Station Hotel provides a unique backdrop for Nashville wedding photography, exuding sophistication and charm. Let your love story unfold amidst the timeless beauty and romance of Union Station.

In conclusion, Nashville’s wedding venues offer couples a diverse range of settings to celebrate their love amidst the city’s rich history and charm. Whether exchanging vows in a botanical garden, a historic mansion, or a contemporary urban space, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for capturing candid moments and editorial photos through documentary-style photography.

Feeling inspired by Nashville’s top wedding venues? Let’s turn your wedding dreams into reality. Click here to contact me now to discuss how we can capture your special day with authenticity and elegance.

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Discover Nashville's top wedding venues: Cheekwood, The Cordelle, Riverwood Mansion, The Bell Tower, and Union Station Hotel through documentary-style photography.


Top wedding venues in Nashville, Tennessee

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