Capturing those Missed, Candid Moments -

January 27, 2022

Capturing those Missed, Candid Moments

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“A joyous occasion for the Jackson in Atlanta”

An uncle falls down while busting a move on the dance floor. A person tears up as they catch a glimpse of their life partner.

Capturing these often moments on a wedding day is more important than perfectly posing them for social media.

The best part about these photos is that you don’t have to set aside time in the schedule for them.

They can happen in a split second but create a lifetime of memories. The key is finding a photographer you’re comfortable who can capture your authenticity and personality in a photo.

“Celebrating your friends new marriage”

It’s my job to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere so people are free to show their true selves.

My goal with each wedding client is to “interact without interrupting.” I am there to document the momentous occasion. These simple moments can create an everlasting moment for family and friends.

Feel free to reach out to me through email: , if you want to create timeless and authentic moments on your wedding day.

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